Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Race Report: SuperPrestige CX La Vista Park

Originally I had said I wasn't going to do any of the SuperPrestige races.  I'm excited that there are additional cx options in the area, but I think I raced entirely too much last season and I needed to make a cut somewhere.  Well, I went back on my word.

Sunday we packed up and headed up to Godfrey.  It was about a mile and half course.  It had been well ridden because the grass was gone on most of it--it was dry, dusty dirt.  I pre-rode the course and was comfortable on it.  Nothing really technical, some longer climbs, a few off camber turns.  One set of tall barriers, one set of short.  I warmed up in the grass around the course, following the tape on the outside.
I was smiling early on . . . *Photo credit: Mike Dawson
We had nine very strong ladies in our field.  We got the whistle and were off.  Liz was first off the line with Carrie on her wheel and I jumped in third.  I was feeling great, doing well until the off camber switch backs.  My turns were off.  I couldn't seem to corner well and I didn't know why.  All of a sudden I had given up four places.  I started out on course again and still didn't feel right.  I couldn't figure it out until I tried to shift and felt like I was reaching.  My bars were tilting.  By the time I hit the pit, my levers were faced downwards.  UGH!

I switched bikes in the pit and took off.  Something was wrong though.  I felt too extended to get power on my pedal stroke. I remounted after the short barriers and could barrier swing my leg over the saddle.  Enough!  Racing, in spite of the 'normal' pain, is supposed to be fun.  This was sucking. I rode to start/finish and withdrew.

Lesson learned: I need to be better at checking my equipment. No one's fault but my own.  I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon making sure my bikes were in working order.  They were cleaned, lubed, and tightened.  This won't happen again.

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